Alvenis Bus Tracking

Mobile Based College Bus Tracking Sytem for Realtime Bus Location Monitoring

Alvenis Bus Tracking

Project name

Alvenis Bus Tracking


We have developed an Android App and Website for tracking the relatime location of the college bus using their mobile app and this app can be used only by the authenticated users of the college. This project is implemented in DR NGP Educational Institutions.

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Challanges we face

The Students were facing lot of issues due to the fluctuating timing of the college buses due to traffic and driving styles and end up losing the bus. So, we spoke to the management and they offered us the opportunity to provide a solution to this problem.

Solution we made

As proposed to the Owner, we have developed a website for the company Alvenis Bus Tracking and developed an android application that enables the students, staff and even trasport officers to keep track of the college buses and reduces the stress of losing the college bus in the morning. We have implemented a hardware kit on the bus and connected it to the cloud and the realtime location of the buses are tracked using the mobile application.

Technology we used

  • html
  • css
  • Native Java
  • Online DB Ref
  • bootstrap
  • python
  • Firebase
  • Google Auth API
  • javascript
  • IOT Hardware

Project Info

client: Dr NGP Educational Institutions

Budget: $500 - $750

Category: Bus Tracking Solution

Date: 20th December, 2019

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