Internal Management System for SSV consultancy to manage the expenses, stock and internal records of the company

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Project name

SSV IMS Mobile


We have developed an Android App and Website for the company to manage all their internal activities including staff management, staff expenses, stock management, realtime inventory tracking, admin remainders, zone management, etc., We have deployed a cloud database and everything can be accessed from anywhere in the mobile application.

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Challanges we face

The Company was maintaing records manually in book and paper and was spendig a lot of their time in managaing the expenses and tracking the inventory. It was really a tedious ask for them to manage the data for the whole state of tamilnadu involving several employees and multiple zones. And we were offered the opportunity to digitalize everything and we kept our hands on and did the magic.

Solution we made

As proposed to the Owner, we have developed a website for the company SSV Consultancy and developed an android application that manages all the datas that are maintained manually flawlessly and saved a lot of their time. The App consists of several modules that are easily accessible such as, Staff Expenses, Stock from Zones, Add/Remove Stock, Milestones, Marketting Schools, School Details, etc to name a few.

Technology we used

  • html
  • css
  • Native Java
  • XML
  • bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Firebase
  • Google Auth API
  • javascript
  • wordpress

Project Info

client: Mr. Sathiayaraj

Budget: $1200 - $1500

Category: Hybrid solutions

Date: 6th June, 2019

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